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Set of Essential Tools that would make a Remote Developer's life easier

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What are the Remote Working Tools?

With the surging case count of COVID-19 second wave, work from home has become a new normal, and leading companies aim to continue the same for the next 3-4 years. However, sustaining the same curiosity and productivity that your employees had in the office is hard.

At the same time, successful companies tend to focus on work productivity, and you can't do this without increasing your employees' happiness levels first. However, is it possible to finish a project within the deadline? Of course, it is if you're ready to use software for assistance.

Remote developer teams need the right tools, Regular Stand-up meetings where the team discusses and shares work schedules efficiently and achieve the full benefits of fruitful remote work. Zoom has become the new office space that doesn’t need any introduction, and there many such tools that helped to be productive by maintaining empathy and peace. The more qualified these tools get, the more we can perform during our working hours.

Also, when it comes to running a small organization, you can't stick to a single tool for all the chores. There are several tools even for a single task. So, you must fix which best fits your company and your employees. For example, if you take Communication Management alone, you can already name Top 10 effective tools for work from home employees.

Communication Tool

Communicating and requesting help from the office desk is easier, but it's pretty complex and incompatible with remote, so you need to find a tool to stay in touch daily.

Why not email? It's a good idea while responding to a single person and sharing some important details like an offer letter and invitation, but not for the entire team building. Responding to each employee, networking, and associating with the company will be a total mess.


Here's where Slack comes into play. Slack is your brand-new office if you work for a fully remote company. Slack is primarily a messaging app. It's intended for companies and workplaces to be utilized across multiple devices and programs and is equipped with sound features that enable you to chat one-on-one with colleagues and in groups.

As Slack's tagline goes, "Be Less Busy" covers various features like file sharing, alliances with other remote working tools like Google Calendar, and a video calling option.

Project Management Tools

A simple To-do list is enough for a small project, whereas a project management tool is expected for complicated tasks. Project management software assists project managers and teams in completing client demands, budgets, expanse, and limitations. Various tools benefit the company in divergent ways.


Jira Software is a portion of a group of products intended to help teams of all types endure work. Atlassian developed this exclusive tool to collaborate, track bugs, and test management.

Interactive charts and inventive reports empower teams to observe their productivity and transparency in operation. Also, customizable access will provide the team head to define who can see and complete the task.


Trello is another project management software, a subsidiary of Atlassian, which is a secure and flexible way to manage and organize your projects. Millions of people and businesses of all kinds and sizes enjoy using Trello to follow their responsibilities.

Trello labels help our employees in various ways, such as prioritizing tasks, organizing cards by teams, or cataloging a repository of cards by applying different themes to the subject. The other project management tools include Asana, Airtable, etc.

Azure DevOps

App creators generally use DevOps tools as it attains with the combination of Software Development (Dev) and IT Operations (Ops). You can reach several sorts of backlogs and boards to support the foremost methods: Scrum, Scrumban, or Kanban for planning purposes.

For team development, Azure DevOps offers excellent features that render improved source control like Git, Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC), and grants Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD).

Compared with Top-rated applications with benefits such as automated notifications, sprint plans, and customized dashboards, Azure DevOps is a complete tool that allows DevOps teams to run projects from end-to-end deployment.

Secure Storage Service

A cloud storage app you can locate from any device is crucial for distance collaboration. And it doesn't have to be intricate, store a file in the shared folder, and you and your other co-workers will directly have the latest modifications.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that enables you to save files online and access them anywhere from any device. They could get the very file access by rendering access to your desired individuals.

Google Drive allows you to upload and save various file types, records, pictures, audio, and videos to Google servers or the "cloud." Drive can assist as a backup solution or a plan to free up space on your system.

Since Google comes with various specialties like Google slides, Sheets, Docs, and note-taking app Keep, it will be more comfortable to experience that data quickly without any hindrance.

Microsoft SharePoint

MS SharePoint is a place to work with others and stay notified. With SharePoint, you can set a site for your team that is a web page. So, you can upload a file to your SharePoint site, and everyone in your company will have access to that file.

SharePoint Server is given to organizations that seek greater control over SharePoint's style or pattern. For example, you can build a calendar, list, and news post to keep your entire team updated.

The significant benefit for AppExert is it includes a modernized flow of information and cloud storage that mobile devices can obtain. As a result, knowledgeable employees make better resolutions, reach deadlines, follow the given business plan, and contribute enough to it.

Video Conferencing

Interviewing a candidate or having a team meeting is challenging while working remotely. So, to have a professional interaction, we have various tools which enable users in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings. Also, it saves time, costs, and hassles connected with business travel.

The following are the few more necessary tools for clear expectations and depending on the privacy needed, remote employees use them as per their convenience:

Google Meet

Sustaining the devastating pandemic, Google has presented its premium video conferencing service "Google Meet" for free. Meet admits up to 100 participants on a call at once and adds features such as scheduling, screen sharing, and real-time captioning.

Suppose you want to schedule a meeting a day beforehand. In that case, you can schedule it via Google Calendar and share the meeting details earlier with your team so that your employees might acknowledge it. They will reschedule their checklist (To-do list) according to the meeting.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace within Microsoft 365/Office 365 that serves as a primary centre for workplace communications, collaborative teamwork, video chats, and document sharing.

Compared to other free tools, MS Teams allows a count of 300 participants to engage in the meeting. Microsoft Teams' key benefit over opponents is its extensive integration with Office 365. It natively combines with Word, PowerPoint, and Microsoft 365.

Additional Tools

All these are the best technology for working from home employees to make remote work easier.


To make the documentation & note-taking process easy and efficient, we need an effective tool. Evernote conquers this place; it competes directly with Google Keep and Microsoft's OneNote. As the name proceeds with notes, it doesn't signify it can only store-based contents. It backs all sorts of note formats such as voice notes, photo references, and PDF files.

The best quality about Evernote is it works based on OCR (Optical Character Recognition). E.g., If you stored a pic from the shore and forgot to add the title to it, and if you explore with the keyword beach, your respective photo appears.


Miro is a digital "whiteboard" software that can make it comfortable to brainstorm and cooperate with your team members or modify the program. The software allows you to create records and ideas, move things around, and interact through embedded video calls or online chats.

Whether you are a Software Developer or a Manager, researching is an indispensable duty for every position. You would collect links to the website, URLs for videos, pictures in a document. But it isn't very enlightening. When you return to the research, the situation becomes complex to obtain that the original train of thought is spent. You can place the content rationally and preview it on Miro as you cross the different parts of the analysis.


Many of us are aware of Polly; if not, you're missing this excellent tool to gather feedback from your team. Polly performs it simple for anyone to engage with co-workers, gather feedback, and make more data-driven judgments spontaneously.

If your team uses Slack, you can integrate Polly with your corresponding channel for your satisfaction and engagement. Polly also implements a type of interactive data visualizations in seconds. You can also play with the parameters as per the topic at hand.

When it comes to working from home, the above tools and apps should help to improve your efficiency, reduce distractions, and boost communication levels with your clients, colleagues, and collaborators.

"It is essential to have great tools, but it is also essential that the tools be used in a great way," so choose wisely and use wisely.

Ganesh Uthiravasagam
Ganesh Uthiravasagam

Software Developer

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