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Advantages of Remote Working Culture

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2019 brought a historic shift in the job market and it completely changed our notion of an “ideal work life.” Going to a job, clocking eight-nine hours, and going home at the end of the day is not the standard norm anymore.

We evolved.

COVID-19 globally pushed every IT company to adapt to a remote work culture.

While the journey to this transition started with doubts and apprehensions, slowly the advantages of remote working culture have become more and more evident.

Here we'll take a look at the key advantages of working from home and the ways companies can enhance this experience for their employees.

Does work from home actually work?

Even though we're facing a major apocalypse, several leaders in the domain of technology have increasingly shown an inclination towards a remote work model.


Recently, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey set a paradigm for top companies and informed his employees that they can proceed to work from home “forever”


Continuing, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said, "To maintain our employee's safety we're agreeable to extend the virtual drive".


Gartner's CFO survey revealed that over two-thirds (74%) plan to permanently shift employees to remote work after the Covid-19 crisis ends.


Coinbase has also adopted a remote-first work arrangement. Employees as per their convenience can opt either for work from home or work from the office or just blend both. (flexibility, ah)

It's for sure that remote work is here to stay even post-COVID-19.

With the advantage of amazing video calling and project management tools, remote work has not only become a convenient option for big firms but also for startups.

These tools facilitate the companies to interview their candidates, analyze their product, and provide a clear view on where the company needs to sharpen to advance the company's productivity.

Even though in the beginning this transition felt like a shocker. But slowly every company, irrespective of its size, is seeing the advantages of a remote working setup.

Benefits of Working From Home for Employers

Reduces company bills

Remote work = Savings!

“ Well, firstly a remote setup allows one to run an office without an office.” Just think about all the money that one can save on office space rents. In addition, a remote setup also brings down the utility costs of running a business.

“For example, Dell expects to save $12 million in infrastructural costs through its adoption of remote programs.”

Not just for big enterprises, the advantages of remote working culture become even more prominent for an early-stage startup. A report by Global Workplace Analytics states that on average an employer can save $11,000/year for every employee who works remotely 50% of the time.

Since employers don’t need to invest in an office space, startups can use that extra cash to hire better resources.

Bigger talent pool

Work from anywhere also means hire from anywhere!

Access to global resources is one of the major advantages of remote working culture. Also, offshore resources can help in saving costs and yet not compromising on quality.

Since the last few years, we have significantly evolved in the way we work. Even employees are looking for more dynamic arrangements.

73% of employees said flexible work arrangements increased their satisfaction at work, as found by Workest by Zenefits Research.

Hence, when companies provide remote work arrangements, candidates naturally see it as a major perk. It increases a company's ability to attract better talent.

Benefits of Working Remotely for Developers

Saves time and money

Working remotely saves time and money on commuting to and from the office. At the same time, a lot of work can be done on a flexible schedule.

For example, a designer or a content creator can schedule their day in a way where they don’t need to adhere to a restricted 9-5 work model. They can plan the day in their own way.

Also, with the advancement in project management tools, video conferencing software, and other collaboration tools the work becomes more organized and cost-efficient.

Work-life balance

One of the biggest advantages of remote working culture is that it keeps employees happy, involved, and fulfilled as they get more time to connect with their families.

It gives employees increased freedom and flexibility. They get the freedom to work and also take care of their infants, binge-watch movies, and feel some fresh air. All, as per their convenience.

Also, check out our recent blog on "Maintaining Work-life balance while working from home, “ where we share tips on maintaining a balanced life in a remote setup.

Boost productivity and learning

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace, “The optimal engagement increase occurs when workers share three to four days working off-site.”

Another research conducted by CoSo cloud stated that 77% of employees reported enhanced productivity and 52% felt they are less likely to take time off in a remote setup.

When developers skip the extra coffee breaks, a lengthy commute, and any other distractions to focus on their work, productivity prevails supreme.

Best Practices for IT companies

Give additional expense for home office set up

Reimburse the internet charges of the team, and provide them with a laptop and other necessary tools and software to make their remote experience smooth.

Video meetings to chit chat

Organize a virtual fun session or simply take out time to set up a video call for a casual chit-chat with the team. This will help the employees connect and feel more engaged.

Set up individual development plans

Organize remote setup in a way that there is a constant loop of feedback at every level. Set up upskilling goals for the team which helps them to consistently grow in their career.

The Remote Way is The AppExert Way

At AppExert, we have a motto to keep developers engaged and maintain a delicate work-life balance. Being a full-fledged remote company from its inception, our employees experience a healthy work culture and perceived productivity throughout the journey.

Want to sign up for a remote job as a developer?

Check out our hiring section. We are always looking out for awesome talent :)

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Ganesh Uthiravasagam

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