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8 Simple Home Office set up ideas to raise your work productivity game

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Mastering the art of home Office set-up!

AppExert Developers have mastered the art ofworking from home, even when the entire family stays together. It took us back in memory to when our grandfathers or great-grandfathers lived in joint families.

At that time, people had a lot of time and less money, still, they were happy & content. It’s been a while now, and we have begun to settle into the novel way of doing work. Working from home has transformed long-time unused spaces into productive and vibrant ones.

In-home offices, we make everything remote-friendly with the team working and experiencing work-life balance. Looking forward to the “home office” concept, this blog discusses the effective strategies you can use to invest in your home office for a positive working ecosystem.

8 Simple Home Office Ideas to scale your productivity

Your home-office makeovers should inspire you to manage a to-do list, and help you stay energized all day. No matter whether you have a completely distinguished space or you have some office space right in your bedroom, the design ideas should let you concentrate on your work and keep your workspace away from your personal space.

Whether you are in search of ideas to revamp your home office, add more decor, or give your office a positive look, here are the design ideas for you!

1. Find your relaxing spot to work

The first thing to take care of is to define your territory. Make sure that this part of your house dedicated to work keeps you completely relaxed.

"It’s your house– and you redefine the spaces to give it a professional touch"

Make the place as aesthetic and professional as you can. Have a work mindset, and arrange your office table, chairs, shelves, and office accessories–let them stand out from the other areas of your house.

2. Keep workspace organized and clean

It is always essential to consider first things first to maintain an organized workspace. Sometimes, you might have a small space, but the key challenge is keeping it functional.

Since you maintain a dedicated space to manage your work, keep the space clean and organized. Make it simple and clean and avoid overstuffing the place.

Ask yourself: "Should I keep this in my workspace? Can I work without it?"

It is always best when you plan and organize things so that you don’t lose your productive time.

3. Choose your way to beat stress

Stress at work is something you need to act upon very quickly. Every developer is unique, you might have your own ways of managing stress. Incorporate your personality while you design the home office.

"Who said developers shouldn’t be creative?"

You may try some vintage finds or plants that keep the space beautiful. Have stressbusters like Rubik’s cubes, stress balls, and fidget spinners to take a break from work and stay comfortable. You can also solve a sudoku puzzle or read a book to focus on something you enjoy doing.

Take a soothing sip of water during regular intervals– when you drink water, you help yourself reduce stress, cleanse the body from toxins, and carry the essential nutrients and oxygen your body cells demand.

4. Have a daily schedule

When you have no manager around or any teammates stopping by to discuss the projects, you would spend the entire day working round the clock on the tasks assigned.

Plan your work, since this helps you to work flexibly and have a specific time in mind to complete every task. When you maintain a list for the day, track, target, and implement it, you become more productive.

"Set your schedule and find a rhythm for your work both physically and mentally"

5. Get your team support whenever necessary

"It is significant to have support from the team to leverage the benefits of working from home"

When you connect with the team frequently to discuss and share updates, it can reduce isolation, improve the potential to collaborate and grow the community.

Work-integrated applications and networking platforms to discuss projects on calls or chats can improve your collaborations and help you stay connected at work.

6. Stay away from distractions

Privacy is a major concern when you have kids at home or other adults working at home. There should be a solution to maintain a quiet place so that you can attend calls and meetings causing no disturbance to both you and others at home.

"Ensure you have a workspace away from possible distractions for hassle-free work"

7. Make sure there is good lighting

Great lighting is necessary to keep your home offices convenient to work

Try to find a place that welcomes good natural light and ensure you position the table to face the windows. This can prevent the reflection from disturbing your computer screen. If you don’t have a source of natural light, then use electronic lights and go for light-coloured walls to keep your office bright.

8. Keep it comfortable

Your office decor need not be traditional or formal, it’s your choice. But comfort speaks above the type of material you choose for the furniture. Pick a chair of your preferred style and fabric and get a comfortable cushion. You can go for an ergonomic chair and add a support pillow to make sure it gives great support to your spine.

"It is advised to avoid sitting in front of your system for quite a long time. Taking walking breaks can let you stay active"

A survey from the New York Times says that a 5-minute walk throughout your workday helps you minimize lethargy, lift moods, and boost your health.

Final Thoughts

When you build a productive and well-structured work-from-home ecosystem, you can adopt time management and experience improved flexibility at work.

"It is also necessary to choose a company that offers a great work environment and helps employees maintain a healthy work culture"

AppExert works on these grounds to improve the well-being of employees and provide a complete home office setup for developers that enables you to perform at your best levels without getting distracted by petty yet essential things.

At AppExert, our team knows how to turn any corner of their homes into a vibrant workspace! From cozy nooks filled with inspirational quotes to sleek, modern setups that scream efficiency, our AppExerters bring their unique flair to remote work. This collage showcases the diverse and creative home offices where innovation meets comfort, and where big ideas come to life.

Here is the snapshot where we make magic happen every day!

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Keerthana Pugalendhi
Keerthana Pugalendhi

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