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Whether you are taking your first step or looking to scale your team,
we are ready with our team of rockstar remote engineers to help your startup grow and elevate it to the next level.

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Longer lifeline

Extend your startup runway 3x

Most great startups don't fail, you just end up running out of capital before becoming great. By building a capital efficient remote team on AppExert, our clients have extended their runway by over 3x getting them further much further on their road to Product-Market-Fit.

Imagine round the clock PRs & deployments

Round the clock productivity

You can partner with AppExert exclusively or in collaboration with your in-house team. Both ways, you get the benefits of our tailored uniquely for startups. As a result, you give your startup an increased run rate/increased runway time.

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remote work illustration

Stop gambling on freelance platforms

De-risking you from gambling on freelance platforms

Opting for freelance platforms might appear as a convenient option, but once you start scaling the problems with such platform surfaces

  • Hard to onboard folks for long term
  • Finding the right fit is time consuming
  • Top rated freelancers are heavy on pocket
  • Unreliable screening processes
  • Exclusivity is missing since most freelancers have multiple commitments

Pay only for the output & save overhead costs

Scale it up or down

How often do you find yourself wasting hours figuring out how to setup a complex AWS task or learning information security to protect your data. With AppExert, you can scale up or down on talent on demand bringing in the right people to help with complex tasks without having to hire a full time DevOps or Security Engineer.

remote work illustration
remote work illustration

Our work doesn't end with building your team, it begins there!

Action meets accountability

We identified these gaps in freelance & hiring platforms and designed AppExert in a way that it brings maximum convenience to founders.

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Simplified communication channels
  • Accountability for project completion
  • Hiring costs suited for startups
  • Rigorous vetting process to onboard the best

Spin up your dream team with us

Fully vetted, fully trusted developers

Startup founders need a team they can rely on. At AppExert, we only pick the best engineering talent for you.

3 Step Selection

AI-Driven Matchmaking

Industry Experience

Top Talent

Test Before You Invest

Hub of Skills

We work with some interesting startups backed by leading VCs & accelerators

Startup Success Stories

AppExert proactively guided us to adding developers adhoc with the right expertise at the right time and more importantly, the right amount of time. This flexibility allowed us to get some of the best talent for important roles without needing to spend the overhead for a full time hire. The developers we’ve been working with at AppExert are some of the best, but more importantly, are extremely comfortable with products that are closer to ideation stage.

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